I am developing speech recognition. I use SpeechRecognizer.

I want the speech recognition to start when the button is pressed, and the speech recognition to be finished when the button is pressed again.

However, if you are hesitant about 1 second while talking, onEndOfSpeech() is called.

So I call startListening() again, when onEndOFSpeech() is called.

However, if you continue talking during startListening() again, the words speak will not be recognized until onReadyForSpeech() is called and onBeginningOfSpeech() is called. (About 500 milliseconds)

  1. If I hesitate to speak, is there any way that onEndOfSpeech() will not be called and still be able to recognize speech?


But They didn't working.

  1. Is there a way to get immediately speech recognition by calling startListening() again?

=> Currently I do not recognize about 500 milliseconds. Note that you can only restart after SpeechRecognizer is regenerated.

  1. If you save a sentence as an audio file, is there a free library or engine that converts it to text? My using languages are English , Korean , Chinese and Japanese.

I attached my SpeechRecognizer Source.

public class SpeechToTextUtil implements RecognitionListener {

private final TranslationActivity mTranslationActivity;
private String[] languages={"ko-KR","en-US","zh-CN","ja-JP"};
private Context mContext;
private SpeechRecognizer mRecognizer;
private Intent intent;
private int mLanguagePosition;
private boolean mBeginSpeech;
private float mRestoreRmsValue = 0;
private int mNoSpeech = 0;

public interface OnSTTResultListener {
    void onSTTResult(List<String> mResult, int error);
    void onSTTPartialResults(List<String> mResult);
private OnSTTResultListener onSTTResultListener;
public void setOnSTTResultListener(OnSTTResultListener onSTTResultListener) {
    this.onSTTResultListener = onSTTResultListener;

public SpeechToTextUtil (Context context) {
    mContext = context;
    mTranslationActivity = (TranslationActivity)mContext;

public void startSpeechToText(int languagePosition) {
    mLanguagePosition = languagePosition;
    if (mRecognizer == null) {
        mRecognizer = SpeechRecognizer.createSpeechRecognizer(mContext);
        Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" mRecognizer create langauge = "+languages[languagePosition]);

    intent = new Intent(RecognizerIntent.ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH);
    intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_CALLING_PACKAGE, mContext.getPackageName());
    intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_LANGUAGE, languages[languagePosition]);

    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" mRecognizer startListening");

public void stopSpeechToText() {
    if(mRecognizer != null){

public void destroySpeechToText() {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" destroySpeechToText");
    if(mRecognizer != null){
        mRecognizer = null;

public SpeechRecognizer getRecognizer() {
    return mRecognizer;

public void onReadyForSpeech(Bundle params) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onReadyForSpeech");

public void onBeginningOfSpeech() {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onBeginningOfSpeech");
    mBeginSpeech = true;

public void onRmsChanged(float rmsdB) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onRmsChanged rmsdB = " + rmsdB);

public void onBufferReceived(byte[] buffer) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onBufferReceived");

public void onEndOfSpeech() {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onEndOfSpeech");
    mBeginSpeech = false;
    if (mTranslationActivity.isSpeechStart()) {

public void onError(int error) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onError = "+error);

public void onResults(Bundle results) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onResults");

    String key = SpeechRecognizer.RESULTS_RECOGNITION;
    List<String> mResult = results.getStringArrayList(key);

    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" mResult = "+mResult);


public void onPartialResults(Bundle partialResults) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onPartialResults = "+partialResults.getStringArrayList(SpeechRecognizer.RESULTS_RECOGNITION));

public void onEvent(int eventType, Bundle params) {
    Log.i(Util.TAG, this.getClass().getSimpleName()+" onEvent");

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