I have this simple, but not very well formatted html page with all it's mistakes:

  <title>Official game sheet</title>
<body class="sheet">

Tried to apply an xpath //title on the document parsed from this html.

const document = parse5.parse(xmlString);
const xhtml = xmlser.serializeToString(document);
const doc = new dom().parseFromString(xhtml);
const select = xpath.useNamespaces({
  "x": "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
const nodes = select("//title", doc);

Tried the solution from here without success. The returned nodes list is empty.

Here you can see the problem.


Here you go @neptune, you don't need parse5 nor xmlser all what is needed is xpath and xmldom.

var xpath = require('xpath');
var dom = require('xmldom').DOMParser;
var xmlString = `
  <title>Official game sheet</title>
  <custom>Here we are</custom>
<body class="sheet">

//const document = parse5.parse(xmlString);
//const xhtml = xmlser.serializeToString(document);
const doc = new dom().parseFromString(xmlString);
const nodes = xpath.select("//custom", doc);

console.log(nodes[0].localName + ": " + nodes[0].firstChild.data);
console.log("Node: " + nodes[0].toString());

please correct the lines to get title

const nodes = select("//x:title//text()", doc);

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