I have Cloudflare for DNS provider, how can I install Jenkins X in AWS EKS without move from Cloudflare?

I tried to run with this:

jx install --provider=eks --domain=eks.love-eks.com

but i get

retrying after error:checking health of Jenkins server 

Do you know if Jenkins X support Cloudflare or only Route53 ?

Thanks :) Cheers

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What you want me to write more ???


this article might help you: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/opensource/continuous-delivery-eks-jenkins-x/ which walks you through how to setup your DNS. It uses Route53 but the same principles should apply to any DNS provider - you just need to setup a wildcard DNS route to map to the Network Load Balancer IP addresses

  • Thanks for the answer :) I use this tutorial but i think because i create from Cloudfront the EKS cluster and not from jx something is wrong with the domain :) I will tried to create eks cluster with jx :P thanks – cdemet Feb 26 at 10:34

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