I have a function in PHP that does some task that needs to call another function asynchronously.

function doTask1() {
    // some task

I did some research and was told I need to use beanstalk to achieve the same, but I am confused about how to achieve it, As I am not able to find any documentation or tutorials to do the same.

heres what the async function looks like

function asyncTask(){
// raise an event
console.log("event raised");

The idea is the function doTask1() should go ahead and complete irrespective of whatever happens in asyncTask();.

  • Hello. Can you tell me a bit more about what your async task is doing? Is it just fire and forget? – Ty Kroll Feb 27 at 6:35
  • Yes. It is fire and forget. I did some more research in the last few days but I cant seem to find a way to achieve that. @TyKroll – Sarthak Batra Feb 28 at 11:13

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