This is my code. when i click the submit button success, flash message will display but data is not stored into database. I have already created a GridFsStorage for dresses. Both are on same the page. First one worked fine.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

   const Mongo = 'mongodb://localhost/milenz';

  // Create Storage engine - Shoe
   var storage_shoe = new GridFsStorage({
   url: Mongo,
   file: (req, file) => {
   return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
   crypto.randomBytes(16, (err, buff) => {
    if (err) {
      return reject(err);
    const shoename = buff.toString('hex') + path.extname(file.originalname);
    const fileInfo_shoe = {
      filename: shoename,
      bucketName: 'shoe',
      metadata: {
      'brand': req.body.shoe_brand,
      'type': req.body.shoe_type,
      'name': req.body.shoe_name,
      'color': req.body.shoe_color,
      'price': req.body.shoe_price,
      'info': req.body.shoe_info,
      'dis': req.body.shoe_discount
   const upload_shoe = multer({ storage_shoe });

   // Upload Women Shoe Image To DB
    router.post('/shoe', upload_shoe.single('shoe_pic'), (req,res)=> {
    req.flash('success_msg','Shoe is successfully stored');

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