I am using Django. The problem is that i need to start and stop a recording with a Dahua cam from a function in Django and later save that recording in a model, Dahua has an API to get and set its configuration, but not to directly start and stop a recording. To show the stream in HTML5 we use the following code.

<div class="h-50 border border-right-0 border-left-0">
    <div id="vxg_media_player1" class="vxgplayer h-100 w-100" 
    channel=1&subtype=1" aspect-ratio latency="3000000" autostart controls 
    avsync debug></div>

A JS Framework exists ( WEB RTC ), but it only works with a video tag.

  • Use ajax if you want interact with a Django function. – Wariored Feb 25 at 23:57

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