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as a new bie in Jmeter,I hope u will bear my question

I developed script in Jmeter using blazemeter..all fine.

i execute this for 1,15,50 Users(in Non Gui Mode ,not including any Listners).All well when i analysis summary reports i found smthing suspicious (1 sample http request)

blue for 1 user,green for 15 and yellow for 15 Users i m not able to explain customer why Received KB/sec and Sent KB/sec doesn't give

a pattern with increase no of user summary Report

 Sent KB/sec (1User)<Sent KB/sec (15User) but
 Sent KB/sec (50User)<Sent KB/sec (1User)  same as received KB/sec
   Sent KB/sec (50User)<Sent KB/sec (1User)<Sent KB/sec (15User)
   Received KB/sec (50User)<Received KB/sec (1User)<Received KB/sec 

How its possible. what i m missing Note:I m using Ramp Up time



Looking at the Average response time for 50 users (200 seconds), the reason for the decrease of Throughput is that the requests hold in the server queue for a long time, and therefore there was not to much data exchange between server and client.

You can generate Dashboard Report by yourself or in the cloud as well, and get more information and analytics by running JMeter in Non-GUI mode:

jmeter -n -t <path_to.jmx> -l <log.jtl> -e -o <dashboard_folder>
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    Thnks Vadim for your valuable response... – Nisha Verma Feb 26 at 11:20
  • You are welcome! – Vadim Yangunaev Feb 26 at 11:37

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