I need to add a reference to an Azure Data Lake to an existing cluster programmatically. I know that we can do this with blob storage via a script action, but I've found no documented way to do this with ADL.

I've looked at the script in detail that is used to add blob storage (https://hdiconfigactions.blob.core.windows.net/linuxaddstorageaccountv01/add-storage-account-v01.sh), and understand the manipulations it makes to the core-site.xml. But I can't figure out how to do something similar with ADL. In particular I'm looking at the core-site.xml file and see that the fs.azure.datalake.token.provider.script refers to the same decrypt script as the blob storage token provider. However, I don't see an encrypted value for the data lake token anywhere.


I am not sure if this is directly supported but here are a few articles you may reference. If there is no documentation on it and the only way to do it are strange workarounds I would wait until it's released as a full feature, if ever. I'm sure this feature request has been proposed multiple times!


In that article it mentions,

If you are going to use Data Lake Storage Gen1 as additional storage for HDInsight cluster, we strongly recommend that you do this while you create the cluster as described in this article. Adding Data Lake Storage Gen1 as additional storage to an existing HDInsight cluster is a complicated process and prone to errors.

Not sure if this cmdlet can be used to add to an exisiting cluster,



You can use this guide: Add additional storage accounts to HDInsight. It worked well for me (I followed the instructions in PowerShell).

Be warned though that the newly added storage accounts will never appear in the cluster's Storage Accounts blade in Azure.

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