I am currently in a deep dive into Cypress and writing e2e tests for an application. I seem to have hit a road block when it comes to testing file upload functionality. Due to my beginner status as a QA engineer and the lack of internet traffic on this specific issue I have reached and impasse. I came across Cypres.Blob in the Docs. Unfortunatly there is not a lot of documented and I haven't been able to apply the examples to what I need to learn.

describe('File Upload Test', () => {

it('should upload a file', () => {
    let testfile = cy.fixture('../fixtures/cypresstest.txt')
    cy.get('input[type=file]').then(($input) => {
    return Cypress.Blob.base64StringToBlob(testfile, 'file/txt')
        .then((blob) => {
        $input.fileupload('add', { files: blob })


  • Can you post an example of the code you have already tried? Then we can try to edit it to make it work.
    – codemon
    Feb 26 '19 at 18:36
  • 1
    Check out this repo cypress-upload-file-post-form and related issue#170 then come back with a more specific question if you have a different use-case. Feb 26 '19 at 19:04
  • I added a code snippet that must not have loaded earlier Feb 26 '19 at 20:58

I'm testing our file upload service like this:

Cypress.Commands.add('uploadFile', (fileNamePath, fileName, fileType = ' ', selector) => {
  cy.get(selector).then((subject) => {
    cy.fixture(fileNamePath, 'base64')
      .then((blob) => {
        const el = subject[0]
        const testFile = new File([blob], fileName, {
          type: fileType,
        const dataTransfer = new DataTransfer()
        el.files = dataTransfer.files

Then in spec file. click upload button and wait for the file to load up:

cy.server().route('POST', api-upload-url).as('loadUp')
        cy.uploadFile('./pathToFile/' + fileName, fileName, fileType, fileInput);
        cy.wait('@loadUp').then((response) => {

There's also a check for desired responses.

It's not super fancy and optimized. But it works in 3.1.5 and 3.2.0. It works using the electron 59 both headed and headless


I had this issue recently in a Laravel + React project, and I found an NPM module that's very useful for handling this called cypress-file-upload.


  1. NPM install cypress-file-upload
  2. Import in /support/commands.js: import 'cypress-file-upload';
  3. Read cypress-file-upload Recipes for using plugin to test file uploads:

Hope this helps someone else! Many thanks to that module's author for his work.

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