In my pyqt application I emit a different signal once particulare keys are pressed, like:

def keyPressEvent(self, event):
    keyboard events that enable actions

    . starts single correction mode
    m stats multiple correction mode
    \ starts zeroing
    ESC stops any action
    s starts suggestion mode
    n starts neutralisation mode
    :param event: keyboard event

    if event.key() == Qt.Key_Period:
        logger.log(5, "{} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.single_correction.emit() # single correction mode
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_M:
        logger.log(5, "{} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.multiple_correction.emit()  # multiple correction mode
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_S: # m key
        logger.log(5, " {} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.suggested_correction.emit() # suggestion mode
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_N:
        logger.log(5, " {} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.neutralisation_mode.emit() # neutralisation mode
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_Backslash:
        logger.log(5, " {} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.zeroing.emit() # zeroing
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_Return:
        logger.log(5, " {} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.unzeroing.emit() # unzeroring
    if event.key() == Qt.Key_Escape: # esc key
        logger.log(5, " {} has been pressed".format(event.text()))
        self.stop.emit() #stop

then I have another function that connects each signal to an action

def create_connections(self):
    function that handles connections
    when a signal is emitted it connects to the appropriate action

I would like to understand if there is a way to check with an if statement if a signal has been emitted or not.

  • example: if "m" key is pressed then "multiple_correction" signal is emitted. – bruvio Feb 26 at 17:19
  • I asked in which cases the signal is not emitted – eyllanesc Feb 26 at 17:22
  • when you press keys that are not listed in the keyevent function – bruvio Feb 26 at 17:41
  • Do you realize what you require? 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time the signal is not emitted. What you require is impossible, the trivial way is to enter some else where the signal is emitted: if event.key() == Qt.Key_Backslash: self.zeroing.emit() else: print("not emitted") . Maybe you have an XY problem, what is your final goal? – eyllanesc Feb 26 at 17:43
  • example: if "." key is pressed then "singlecorrection" signal is emitted. When this signal is emitted the "singlecorrection" function is called. once inside this function I would like the app to wait until another action by the user is performed (and consequently another signal is emitted) and then carry on. this is why I was asking for a way to check if the signal as been emitted. – bruvio Feb 26 at 19:00

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