I have 2,500 html files which I need to automatically add to my index page, so I can create a sitemap and my file can be crawled and indexed. Obviously I cannot add that many manually. Any idea of how to accomplish this quickly?

Thanks in advance, Sascha

  • Could you add some more details? It sounds like you want to link to the 2500 pages from your index page? – robert Feb 26 at 21:22
  • Yes, that's right. All links need to be on a search/index page. – sfzeller Feb 26 at 21:23

It sounds like you want to link to the 2500 pages from your index page. I'm assuming that all of your HTML content is located in a folder called "html-folder/".

Add the following code to a new file (e.g., "my-script.sh"), then run it using bash my-script.sh.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
for i in html-folder/*; do
  echo "<a href=\"$page_path\">$page_name</a>" >> links.html

After running the script, copy and paste the content of its output located in links.html into whichever page of your site where you want to list the links.

  • ok. But I'm not a programmer/developer,so can you please tell me how to use this script? – sfzeller Feb 26 at 21:27
  • Please see the following edit. Does that help? – robert Feb 26 at 21:34

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