I set my UIBezierPath linejoinstyle to .round, which works fine except when 1 line segment comes back exactly over the previous line segment or the angle between the segments is very small, forming a sharp corner as shown in the image below

Path initialization code:

    let path = UIBezierPath() // White path
    let testPath = UIBezierPath() // Inner red path       

    // Setup initial path
    self.path.lineWidth = 8
    self.path.lineJoinStyle = .round
    self.path.lineCapStyle = .round

    // Setup inner red path
    self.testPath.lineWidth = 1
    self.testPath.lineJoinStyle = .round
    self.testPath.lineCapStyle = .round

Overriden draw function of the view:

override func draw(_ rect: CGRect) {



I implement the construction of the path in the touchesBegan, touchesMoved and touchesEnded overrides since this is a drawing tool that I am building - I am using the addQuadCurve method to append points to the path and do NOT set any other properties of the path in the touches methods.

enter image description here

The line join seems to clip off when I draw a sharp scribble as shown above. Now according to this Stackoverflow post, this behavior may have been a bug which was resolved in iOS 7 (but for the iPad SDK according to the user's bug report to Apple).

My Question: I am using iOS SDK 12.1, so is this issue the old bug popping back up for whatever reason, or am I missing something? Because this only happens when the angle between 2 line segments is almost negligibly small. I have also submitted a bug report to Apple and on OpenRadar just in case.

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