I using ansible playbook for audit script I use ansible playbook with Jinja2 for creating a dashboard in HTML Here is my inventory


I run all hosts to check the connection and I want to do the following steps

  1. Count all hosts in inventory separate by group

  2. In case of connection passed, register to a parameter (separate by group)

  3. and then send a parameter of the result to Jinja2 template

The result should be like this

Ubuntu16_sum_all = 1
Ubuntu16_alive = 1
Ubuntu16_dead = 1
CentOS7_sum_all = 1
CentOS7_alive = 1
CentOS7_dead = 1

I have no idea to get a group name of a host while I running all hosts in the playbook. Please help


I dont think so there is a direct way of using the inventory format above directly. My suggestion would be take the hostnames inside a variable something like below:

  - Ubuntu:
      - 1
      - 2
  - Centos:
      - 1
      - 2
  - Fedora:
      - 1
      - 2

In the above inventory you can loop through all the hosts name directly

  • But, I want to create template in the one time. Because I need a centralized dashboard includes the result of centos and ubuntu on the same page. – Rick_y Feb 27 at 14:33
  • Since your need is to create a template best thing as per me would be to refer the above file as vars file. Check if the connection exists if the connection exists then create a template file for all the valid connections – error404 Feb 28 at 13:20

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