There are two things I want to achieve.

This is my database table called "table".

id | friend
1  | null
2  | 1
3  | 0
4  | 3
5  | 3
6  | null

There are two SELECT queries I want to do.

$id = 3;
SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = $id; // Not sql injection safe, just an example

This should select row id = 3. If that row's friend column = 0, then:

SELECT rows WHERE friend = $id.

If that row's friend column is something other than 0, then just return that row, row 3. But since my table above shows that row id 3's friend column = 0, this should altogether return rows: 3, 4, 5.

Also, another scenario a something a little different:

$id = 5;
SELECT * FROM table WHERE id = $id;

If that row's friend column <> (does NOT equal) 0 AND IS NOT NULL, then use the friend number and:

SELECT * WHERE id = friend from previous table.

In this example, it will return rows 3, 4, 5 because ID = 5 and the friend ID of 5 is 3. So we search columns id AND friend for 3 and we select it.

I want to combine all of those together into one MySQL SELECT query. How can I do that?

Any help will be appreciated!


In the first scenario, I don't understand exactly why a zero value for friend returns 3, 4, and 5. Why not 2? I'm assuming that if the friend value is zero, then add the rows which have you as a friend.

So, before this first example, I cannot stand a table named "table", so I will use friends as the name of the table.

FROM friends FF
  INNER JOIN friends FID on FF.friend = FID.id
WHERE FID.friend = 0 AND FID = $id
SELECT F2.id FROM friends F2 WHERE F2.id = $id AND F2.friend IS NOT NULL

The inner join, takes the id of friends (FID.id) and joins on the the friends table again to get all the records with that as a friend (FF.friend) value.

Then UNION will include the original id. Both sides of the UNION will return no results if the friend field is NULL.

Similarly for the second scenario, use the given value, ($id = 5), find that record's friend value, and query for all records with that as a friend, then union its record.

FROM friends FF
WHERE FF.friend = (SELECT FIN.friend FROM friends FIN where FIN.id = $id)
SELECT FIN.friend FROM friends FIN where FIN.id = $id
  • Is it possible to combine those two together? – pixie123 Feb 27 at 19:29
  • I doubt it. The reason I doubt it is that you are asking for results which relate to the given id in one way, and then also wanting to include a record which is not related that way. I think UNION is the only way to get it into one query of the server. – Marlin Pierce Feb 28 at 16:59

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