I'm having a problem receiving push notifications to an Android Chrome PWA when no Chrome apps are running. I can reproduce this with 3 different public web-push examples. The first question is should a web-push example work the same as a PWA with web-push? That is, should a web push on Android be able to be received and display a notification even if the browser is not running. Docs seem to say yes. Why does the test below not confirm this.

Problem Description

The problem does not affect Firefox. There are other posts that have attributed similar behavior to the payload of the message (data and/or notification) or the battery optimization settings. Altering these variables doesn't seem to improve my situation. Here's a method for reproducing the problem using one of the online examples (Thanks to Carlos for pulling this together..see code here).

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open up Carlos demo on your Android phone. Accept the notification permissions and ensure that you can send yourself a notification.

  2. Open up the same page on another machine. Ensure that you can send your phone a push notification using the "Send to all subscribers immediatelly"[sic] function.

  3. Kill all the Chrome apps on your android device. To be on the safe side, kill all your running apps cause I've found it not obvious what's using chrome and I think this has confused a lot of previous posts/answers.

  4. Repeat step 2 on the second machine. You should not get the notification on Chrome.

  5. Once you're convinced the message is not coming, open any Chrome app. After a few seconds, you should receive the notifications.

Repeat all of the above with Firefox on Android and you will get the notification in step 4.

You can run a similar tests here or here.


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There are several bugs related to this issue on Chrome. The problem is resolved in Chrome Dev 74 which is due to be stable on Apr 23, 2019.

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