I'm using MacOS and I have installed VSCode, Ruby, rubocop, Ruby Solargraph, and their gem dependencies.

Having done this, how do I now execute a Ruby script without using the Terminal panel within VSCode?


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You can use Coder Runner Extension.

Once adding the extension you press Command + Shift + P and select run by language then choose ruby


You have 2 choices for this case;

    • Install Code runner extension

    • Then , CTRL + ALT + N

    • Install Code runner extension

    • Cmd + Shift + p

    • choose Run By language

    • type ruby

wallla 🔥

  • another choice is to run a ruby file in the terminal. Just type ruby name_file.rb
    – Asyraf
    Nov 7, 2020 at 12:03

CTRL+ALT+N after installing Coder Runner Extension


You can try "Ruby Runner" extension for VS Code. It's works well in 2021.


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