How can we start elasticsearch, kibana and logstash using C# code.? And how to provide dynamic log to ELK stash

  • Can you please explain, what are you trying to achieve? What you mean by start ELK stack by C# code. You can install ELK stack service you know.. – Amey Vaidya Feb 28 at 5:52
  • @AmeyVaidya:- Hi Amey.. I am trying to run elasticsearch, kibana and logstash (EKL) using c# code. All these three (elasticsearch, kibana and logstash ) are now command based. for starting these three we need to open command prompt and fire command . So i am trying to start these services through C# code. – Sanjiv Kumar Feb 28 at 5:56

Run elasticsearch, kibana, logstash as docker container then use ProcessStartInfo to start these services like this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/52290688/6883327

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