When I load an earlier version of node, e.g. v10.6, using nvm and then run npm install prettier -g, and then enter prettier I get -bash: prettier: command not found.

If I then switch to v11.10.0, without installing, entering prettier works.

This is the case for any package I attempt to install globally, not just prettier. Also not just the case when installing from v10.6.

Even if I rm -r 11.10.0 from the node versions inside the .nvm directory and then install from a different version, a v11.10.0 directory is created containing the node_modules directory. The package remains inaccessible from the installing version of node.

I have also tried installing with nvm install 10.6 --reinstall-packages-from=11.10 and nvm reinstall-packages 11.10 after successfully installing the package in 11.10.0.

How can I install a package globally to a specific version of node installed using nvm given the above?

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