I'm looking for a wait condition to get the browser title. Currently, i use browser.getTitle() to get the browser title. Somehow, my script times out waiting to get the browser title. I can't use browser.sleep in this case. How do i achieve this by using browser.wait() condition?

Any help with be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Is this angularjs (instead of angular)? – Stefan Feb 28 at 7:08
  • 1
    Yup. it's angularjs. modified it. thanks – Coolbreeze Feb 28 at 7:10

This seems like a perfect use case for the titleIs ExpectedCondition. Could you give it a try?

var EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions;
browser.wait(EC.titleIs('foo'), 5000, 'Title not "foo" after 5 seconds');
  • This works too. Probably a recommended solution. thanks for your time in answering this! :) – Coolbreeze Feb 28 at 8:46
function waitForTitle(expectedTitle: string, time: number) {
    return browser.wait(() => {
        return browser.getTitle().then((currentTitle) => {
            return currentTitle === expectedTitle;
    }, time);

You just need to remember that time is given in ms.

  • Thank you. I will try this solution and post my response. – Coolbreeze Feb 28 at 7:08

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