I'm getting eslint error Unexpected string concatenation.eslint(prefer-template)

const listItemClasses = classNames({
          [' ' + classes[color]]: activeRoute(props, prop.layout + prop.path),

How to fix this with template literals `` or shall I need to update eslint rule to allow this?

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    You need to replace ' ' + classes[color] with ` ${classes[color]}` – Seblor Feb 28 at 10:46
  • classes[color].toString() – AZ_ Feb 28 at 10:49

The eslint rule prefer-template expects you not to concatenate strings, and only use template strings.

In your case, you need to replace

' ' + classes[color]


` ${classes[color]}`

IIRC, eslint has an "auto-fix" flag for fixing that kind of error.

Also, the eslint plugin for Visual Studio Code has the auto-fix built-in.

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