I'm using Jenkins X for microservice build / deployment. In each environment there are shared secrets used across microservices (client keys etc) which are injected into deployment.yaml as environment variables using valueFrom and secretKeyRef. This works well in Production and Staging where the namespaces are well know, but since preview generates a new namespace each time, these secrets will no exist. Is there a way to copy secrets from another, known, namespace, or a better approach?


You can create another namespace called jx-preview to store preview specific secrets, and add this line after the jx preview command in your Jenkinsfile

sh "kubectl get secret {secret_name} --namespace={from_namespace} --export -o yaml | kubectl apply --namespace=jx-$ORG-$PREVIEW_NAMESPACE -f -"

Not sure if this is the best way though


We've got a command to service link services from one namespace to another - such as to link services from staging to your preview environment via jx step link services.

It would be nice to add a similar command to copy secrets from a namespace in the same way. I've raised an issue to track this new feature


Another option is to create your own Job in charts/preview/templates/myjob.yaml and in that job create whatever Secrets you need however you want and then annotate it so that its triggered as a post-install hook of your Preview chart

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