I am using Laravel. In XAMPP's htdocs folder my laravel root folder name is sh. I ran the following code

php artisan serve

and found that

 Laravel development server started: <>

In Browser Address Bar I wrote



waiting for localhost...

never ends.

I ran this code

C:\>netstat -a

in a long list I found that

TCP         ommited-PC:0            LISTENING
TCP         ommited-PC:49674        ESTABLISHED

In Browser's address bar I wrote


the site opens correctly.

This is my observation. I don't know why localhost waits for ever and what should I do.



This was because of Avast Antivirus. By mistake Avast treated server.php file as a threat. I make an exception following this link


then the problem has been solved.

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  • It exactly serves first request and then hangs on with "waiting....". Fixed by adding exception. – Kamran Syed Jun 22 '19 at 9:14
  • Try to run in different port. Check this thread for further detail... Click here
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