So I've created an app that has like 4 pages and then a webview so whenever a user logout from webview I push the starting screen. I want my app to go to the first page. I've tried:


but no luck. I think this may be because of webview. This is my routes.

final routes = {
'/login': (BuildContext context) => new LoginScreen(),
'/home': (BuildContext context) => new HomeScreen(),
'/welcomeScreen':(BuildContext context) => new WelcomeScreen(),
'/email': (BuildContext context) => new EmailScreen(),
'/webview': (BuildContext context) => new WebviewScreen()
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This function will set the page root page so it should work for logout case.

Navigator.pushAndRemoveUnitl is what are you looking for I guess.

void makeRoutePage({BuildContext context, Widget pageRef}) {
      MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => pageRef),
      (Route<dynamic> route) => false);

how to use it :

makeRoutePage(context: context, pageRef: YourFirstPage());

You want to go back through all screens until the first screen in Stack, so best statement you can use is:

Navigator.popUntil(context, (Route<dynamic> predicate) => predicate.isFirst);

An alternative solution can be Navigator.popUntil(context, ModalRoute.withName('/')); which will pop all screens from the stack except the initial screen.


Simply use this code in any button action, it will redirect U to MainScreen/Homepage from any other page

Navigator.of(context).pushNamedAndRemoveUntil('/', (Route<dynamic> route) => false);

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