So the title practically says it all. I'm trying to make an app chat following this: https://www.scaledrone.com/blog/android-chat-tutorial/

(a tutorial for making a simple chat app with that system)

99% of my code is the same, except for this:

public void run() {
                    messagesView.setSelection(messagesView.getCount() - 1);
                    System.out.println("arrived at onMessage");

and this:

public void sendMessage(View view){
        String message = editText.getText().toString();
        if(message.length() > 0){
            System.out.println("arrived at sendMessage");

because I wanted to make sure it actually got there. I put breakpoints in both of those places, the program only stops in the second one, but prints both (???). I know SOME messages get sent because scaledrone has them registered, but most aren't and I don't know why either. Please, any help is appreciated. If more code is required just ask me in a comment, though as I said it's all in the guide in the link

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