I am getting ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: options I think it's because of my default constructor that I get null but If I comment out the constructor then the new instance of a class needs parameters which I don't know what to give in. HELP PLEASE

 public class OvertimeRequestBusiness
        public static OvertimeRequestBusiness Instance { get; } = new OvertimeRequestBusiness();
        private readonly DbContextOptions<DatabaseContext> _contextOptions;
     //default ctor
   public OvertimeRequestBusiness() : base() { }

        public OvertimeRequestBusiness(DbContextOptions<DatabaseContext> contextOptions)
            _contextOptions = contextOptions;
        public async Task<List<User>> GetAllUsersAsync()
            using (var ctx = new DatabaseContext(_contextOptions))
                var query = ctx.Users;
                var res = await query.ToListAsync();
                return res;

In my controller

        public async Task<List<User>> GetAllUsers()
          return await OvertimeRequestBusiness.Instance.GetAllUsersAsync();
  • why are you using a static instance of your class?
    – hunter
    Feb 28, 2019 at 19:56

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Here is how you can create DbContextOptions:

var optionsBuilder = new DbContextOptionsBuilder<DatabaseContext>();

then DbContextOptions<DatabaseContext> will be available as optionsBuilder.Options. You can pass it to OvertimeRequestBusiness.ctor:

new OvertimeRequestBusiness(optionsBuilder.Options);

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