I'm trying to update and existing excel file with the information from a different excel file:

import xlrd

workbook = xlrd.open_workbook("WRAManual.xls")
worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_name("ServicesDWDM")

workbook2 = xlrd.open_workbook("Power.xlsx")
worksheet2 = workbook2.sheet_by_name("Sheet1")

row = worksheet.nrows
row2 = worksheet2.nrows

 for i in range (2, row):
     Equipo_A = worksheet.cell(i,12).value
     Client = worksheet.cell(i,13).value
     Line = worksheet.cell(i, 14).value

     for x in range (1, rows):
         NEname = worksheet2.cell(x,0).value
         Transponder = worksheet2.cell(x,1).value

    if Equipo_A == NEname & Client == Transponder:
        worksheet.cell(row=i, column=19).value = worksheet2.cell(row=x, column = 8).value)

What I'm trying to do is to check all the rows on workbook one, and see if the data in "Equipo_A" is the same as the data in workbook2 "NEname" but at the same time the data in column "Client" should match "Transponder", if that happens, then I would have to write the value of column 8 in worksheet2 into the column 19 of workbook1 in order to update that data.

I'm struggling so much with this since I'm new to Phyton and coding in general, so I barely understand how this works, specially the loop cycles.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated since I0ve been stuck on this for the apst week or so...

Thank you!

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