I am using Nest 6.2 with ES 6.6

I have the following code which runs fine:

        var response = elasticClient.Search<PropertyRecord>(s => s
            .Query(q => q.Terms(
                c => c
                    .Field(f => f.property_id_orig)
                    .Terms(listOfPropertyIds) // a list of 20 ids say... 
            .Take(100) // just pull up to a 100... 

        if (!response.IsValid)
            throw new Exception(response.ServerError.Error.Reason);

        return response.Documents;

But I know there is an issue with the underlying query, because all documents from the index are returned. So I would like to be able to see the raw Json that is generated by the lambda expression so I can see the result running in the Head plugin or Fiddler etc.

If I use a SearchRequest Object and pass that to the Search method, would I then be able to see the Query Json?

        var request = new SearchRequest
            // and build equivalent query here

I am having trouble building the corresponding query using the SearchRequest approach and cannot find decent examples showing how to do so.

Anyone know?


You can get the JSON for any NEST request using SerializeToString extension method

var client = new ElasticClient();

var listOfPropertyIds = new [] { 1, 2, 3 };

// pull the descriptor out of the client API call
var searchDescriptor = new SearchDescriptor<PropertyRecord>()
    .Query(q => q.Terms(
        c => c
            .Field(f => f.property_id_orig)
            .Terms(listOfPropertyIds) // a list of 20 ids say... 

var json = client.RequestResponseSerializer.SerializeToString(searchDescriptor, SerializationFormatting.Indented);


which yields

  "from": 0,
  "query": {
    "terms": {
      "property_id_orig": [
  "size": 100

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