I have an array of JSON objects as follows. How do I parse each JSON object from the array?

For example, I want to parse {"occurrences":"1","post_title":"Test 5","ID":"16"} and send it as body to an API.

    "occurrences": "1",
    "post_title": "Test 5",
    "ID": "16"
    "occurrences": "1",
    "post_title": "Test 6",
    "ID": "19"
    "occurrences": "1",
    "post_title": "xyz,abc",
    "ID": "21"

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    Welcome to SO, please post your effort in doing above ask, and what error you are facing in doing that. – dkb Mar 1 at 12:59

Add your searched parameters in to_be_searched variable.
if condition checks with all objects one by one.

import json

result = '[{"occurrences":"1","post_title":"Test 5","ID":"16"},{"occurrences":"1","post_title":"Test 6","ID":"19"},{"occurrences":"1","post_title":"xyz,abc","ID":"21"}]'

to_be_searched = {"occurrences": "1", "post_title": "Test 5", "ID": "16"}
result_arr = json.loads(result)

for res in result_arr:
    if res["occurrences"] == to_be_searched["occurrences"] and res["post_title"] == to_be_searched["post_title"] and \
            res["ID"] == to_be_searched["ID"]:

You can use simplejson modules as well, if you face any issue while executing above code like AttributeError: module 'json' has no attribute 'loads'

Install simplejson module by executing following command on terminal
pip install simplejson
for python3
pip3 install simplejson

just change 1st line in above code to
import simplejson as json

  • Thanks for your reply. One more question, how do I quickly iterate each JSON block in an array and send it as a body to an API? { "occurrences": "1", "post_title": "Test 5", "ID": "16" } – user2036302 Mar 1 at 14:02

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