While registering iOS app in Firebase having different bundle id in one project, getting error as shown in screenshot.

There was an unknown error while processing your request. Try again.

enter image description here

I tried fresh login, still facing same issue. I also tried different browser but getting same issue.

Suppose I am registering new android app in same project having different bundle id, it is not showing any error. Also 80+ android apps are registered in same project and one iOS app. I want to add another iOS app in same project.

  • firebaser here "80+ android apps are registered in same project" This means you may have exceeded the limit on the number of apps that can be added to a project. I recommend reaching out to Firebase support for personalized help in troubleshooting. – Frank van Puffelen Mar 1 at 15:21
  • hi,i tried another MacBook,and new iOS app is registered successfully.;-) – G.Piyu Mar 2 at 7:08
  • Good to hear you got it sorted. In general, just be aware that there is a limit to the number of apps you can have in a project. See stackoverflow.com/questions/50345479/… – Frank van Puffelen Mar 2 at 14:49
  • hi, but now I m registering new app in firebase getting same error. :( – G.Piyu Mar 4 at 5:55

I had the same situation and had only 2 projects so 'reaching out' wasn't the case. I've refreshed the page and the project was already set correctly with my bundle id.

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