How to see if nock is matching the request or not? Is there a way one can log information on console regarding nock is matching or not to the requests being made?

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The log function is no more available on newer versions of nock e.g. v13.0.0 but you can set the DEBUG environment variable to nock.* as described here https://github.com/nock/nock#debugging to log each step of the matching process. For example:

export DEBUG=nock.* && yarn test

if you're using yarn to run your tests.

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    I would recommend the following single command if you plan on going back and forth from showing debug output to hiding it: DEBUG=nock.* yarn test (or npm test or whatever). That way the debug output goes away if you remove the first part. Feb 24, 2021 at 21:25

It is very simple. Just add .log(console.log) to your nock object!


Basically, nock checks all the interceptors it has active until a match is found for your request (in case you have multiple nock interceptors mocking a variety of requests). So what will be logged using .log(console.log) is,

  1. a whole url to which the request is being made.
  2. a url from the interceptor
  3. true or false, depending upon the match scenario. Hope this will help you resolve mysteries of nock :)
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    I'm getting TypeError: (0 , _nock.default)(...).get(...).log is not a function when I try the above code. Mar 11, 2021 at 20:26
  • @EdwardD'Souza call log() as nock(...).log() Mar 12, 2021 at 10:10

You can log requests to the console using:


You can also listen to nock's event emitters to create a callback for whenever a request is intercepted. For example:

const requestCallback = () => {
    console.log('Request was called');
    .on('request', requestCallback);

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