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I have installed flask_restful using the command

pip install flask_restful

it works with sublimetext but not with pycharm. The environment I am using is python3 with anaconda on both IDEs

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  • Your pip command is probably for Python 2, or not related to the Anaconda Python. Try python3 -m pip install flask_restful for a start. – 9769953 Mar 1 at 15:49
  • I got message : "Requirement already satisfied:" – Praveen Mar 1 at 15:53
  • Then you'll have to figure out within PyCharm how to change its configuration so it uses the correct Python executable. – 9769953 Mar 1 at 16:05
  • If it works in SublimeText, try import sys; print(sys.executable) there and compare that to what you get in PyCharm. If they are not the same, change it in the PyCharm configuration. – 9769953 Mar 1 at 16:06

when you type in the import function in PYCharm a red lightbulb should pop up, click on it and it should give you the option to install the module to pycharm.

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