I've been trying to publish my package to the NPM Registry.
I get an error that I am not allowed to push my package to the registry.

403 Forbidden - PUT https://registry.npmjs.org/qdb - You do not have permission to publish "qdb". Are you logged in as the correct user?

I wonder why.

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For me, I received this 403 error message when I had just created my NPM account, but not verified the email address on my account. I found the verification request email from NPM, clicked the link, and magically was able to publish my first package.

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    THIS! THANKS! Wasted so much time on that. Dec 2 '20 at 17:42
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    Thanks! The npm server could provide a better error message in this case :) Feb 1 at 22:58
  • Thanks, I did not check my mail, Now it is working Jul 5 at 9:47

It looks like a package with that name was already published by someone else, so you'd need to use a different name in your package.json file and then npm publish again.

Else, you can look if you're trying to publish the same version that's already published.

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    i tried with another name, but still getting same error. could you please give another solution if possible?
    – Pavan
    Dec 30 '19 at 6:14
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    this saved me alot of time
    – davyCode
    Jan 27 '20 at 15:33
  • @Pavan, maybe you have published the same version that's already published?
    – Smally
    Feb 13 '20 at 12:22
  • @Pavan I am also getting same issue. Did you get the solution?
    – rahul
    Mar 18 '20 at 10:44
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    They should have said "already exist". By the way, thank you! Aug 25 '20 at 4:39

Happens either because of a duplicate package name or because you never verified your email address.

  • in my case was I neved made it to verify my email address lol, so you were right Sep 2 at 7:44

Check if you are publishing the same version. I needed to update the version of the package and npm publish again. From the Forbidden error that I was getting it was not obvious.


check your email registration and confirm verification
finnaly repeat publish your package
and i hope will work 😁


There Could be many reasons for that

  1. Email not verified, so first verify your email with npmjs.com
  2. Someone else is using that same package name, it needs to be unique. So choose a unique name. You can change the name under package.json file.
  3. If you are republishing same package with changes you made , you need to change version , eg - 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. You can change the varsion name under package.json file as well.

Also happens when an org name is already taken. Use the following URL:


If you're getting a "404 Not Found" error, it means the name is free. Otherwise it is not.


I just verified my email and error gone. Now I can publish my packages.


change name like that(also the version) sample

  "name": "npm-helloworld-testwwwyy-xx",
  "version": "1.0.3"

Don't forget that you need to be logged-in.

Run npm login to be able to publish packages.

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