In WooCommerce I would like to hide Out of Stock products from Related products in single product pages. Is it possible?

Any track is appreciated.



You can use the following:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_related_posts_query', 'alter_product_related_posts_query', 10, 3 );
function alter_product_related_posts_query( $query, $product_id, $args ){
    global $wpdb;

    $query['join']  .= " INNER JOIN {$wpdb->postmeta} as pm ON p.ID = pm.post_id ";
    $query['where'] .= " AND pm.meta_key = '_stock_status' AND meta_value = 'instock' ";
    return $query;

Code goes in functions.php file of your active child theme (or active theme).

Now we need to remove "related products" cached data deleting the related transients to flush this cache (thanks to @Cody Rees).

There is 2 ways to do it:

1). The easiest way:

Go to admin Woocommerce > Status > Tools > WooCommerce transients and press on "Clear transcients".

2). The other way targeting specific related transients to be deleted:

Add the following code and save:

add_action('init', 'delete_related_products_cached_data');
function delete_related_products_cached_data() {
    global $wpdb;

    $wpdb->query("DELETE FROM {$wpdb->prefix}options WHERE `option_name` LIKE '_transient_wc_related_%'");

Code goes in functions.php file of your active child theme (or active theme).

Run it only once by browsing any page of your web site and remove it.

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    I really appreciate your help : But It doesn't work ; I've cleared the cache but I didn't see any change. – sarah miller Mar 2 '19 at 9:38
  • I know your code is correct; But I don't know why nothing happen to my site!!! I've changed so many times this code! But I didn't see any change! What's wrong? – sarah miller Mar 5 '19 at 18:34
  • @sarahmiller I haven't anything better for instance. – LoicTheAztec Mar 5 '19 at 19:28
  • It doesn't work with backorder products. They are shown despite the _stock_status = instock – retroriff Nov 23 '20 at 13:56
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    Answer has been updated thanks to @CodyRees – LoicTheAztec Mar 1 at 2:52

None of the answers given here worked for me (I believe the woocommerce_output_related_products_args filter mentioned does not accept meta_queries), and I wanted a solution that didn't use an SQL query, so I put together the solution below:

add_filter( 'woocommerce_related_products', 'mysite_filter_related_products', 10, 1 );
function mysite_filter_related_products( $related_product_ids ) {

    foreach( $related_product_ids as $key => $value ) {
        $relatedProduct = wc_get_product( $value );
        if( ! $relatedProduct->is_in_stock() ) {
            unset( $related_product_ids["$key"] );

    return $related_product_ids;

Hope that helps someone looking for a similar solution.

  • +1 but this using this solution will not replace the removed related products with other related products, so you'll end up with less than the number of related products you wanted. E.g. if you want 4 to always display, but a particular product's related products contain 2 out of stock products, then only 2 related products will display. – Dan. May 18 '20 at 8:19
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    To fix that, one could add more code, before the return, to check for the count of $related_product_ids and query for some more products, if the count is less than the desired number. – Dan. May 18 '20 at 8:21
  • Doesn't work either for the latest versions of woocommerce. The filter woocommerce_related_products doesn't only receive the $related_products_idsargument. – svelandiag Mar 9 at 16:38

Yes it's possible to hide out of stock products from related products.

Add the below to functions.php – this will hide out of stock products from related products.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_output_related_products_args', function( $args )
    $args = wp_parse_args( array(
        'posts_per_page' => 4,
        'meta_query' => array (
           'key' => '_stock_status',
           'value' => 'instock'
    ), $args );
    return $args;

The posts per page line can be removed, but its useful as a quick of visualising that this has worked on your related products block.


create a function and hook it to related products hook of woocommerce like:

function dont_show_outofstock( $is_visible, $id ) {
    $product = new wC_Product( $id );

    if ( ! $product->is_in_stock() && ! $product->backorders_allowed() ) {
    $is_visible = false;

    return $is_visible;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_output_related_products_args', 'dont_show_outofstock', 10, 2 );
  • It crashed my site and after adding this snippet I don't see related products and also footer of the page!!! – sarah miller Mar 2 '19 at 10:33
  • That filter doesn't take/pass those arguments – Dan. May 18 '20 at 8:16

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