How can I save enumeration value in TypeScript?

For example:

createArticle(name: string, clr: ??enumeration??) {
    return axios.post(`${environment.apiUrl}/cards`, {
        card: `${name}`,
        color: ??clr?? 

PS: Content Type Setting in Strapi

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    What do you mean? – jonrsharpe Mar 2 at 16:52
  • What's up with ??enumeration??, is that your way of saying you expect enum type here, maybe keyof ? – prsvr Mar 2 at 18:17
  • Hello, I have a Strapi BackEnd and am currently trying to write a front end in Angular. Unfortunately, I do not know how to send an enumeration value in TS to my Strapi BackEnd. – Benjamin Reeves Mar 2 at 18:21
  • Yes, keyof! Can I just write "keyof", I will test it. – Benjamin Reeves Mar 2 at 18:22
  • @BenjaminReeves Google, github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/issues/14106 – prsvr Mar 2 at 18:25

Problem solved! I had spaces in the setting. instead of "red, white, blue, green" I should write "red,white,blue,green".

Thanks to you all!

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