I'm trying to find a document by its auto generated _id field. Code below returns nothing:

var documentID bson.RawValue
documentID.Type = 7
documentID.Value = []byte("5c7452c7aeb4c97e0cdb75bf")
objID := documentID.ObjectID()
value := collection.FindOne(ctx, bson.M{"_id": objID})

The value I provided is a real document id I got from Mongo Express

"_id": ObjectID("5c7452c7aeb4c97e0cdb75bf")

In case you're wondering why I bother with RawValue, I found examples using bson.EC.ObjectID but bson package doesn't seem to have EC type, also I found some examples mentioning github.com/mongodb/mongo-go-driver/bson/objectid package, but I could not find that package either. I previously developed with mgo but I'm new to mongo-go-driver, so if you can point an easy way to declare an ObjectID.

  • First of all, welcome to StackOverflow. Try this. I guess is the package you are looking for. – Carlos Cavero Mar 2 at 23:02
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    Thanks @CarlosCavero, simply defining the objID as primitive.ObjectID solved both problems. – Serdar Kalaycı Mar 3 at 10:49
  • @Serdar Kalayci you could add the working code as answer and mark it as accepted instead of editing it in the question. That way people with a similar problem will directly see, that this is solved – Tobias Theel Mar 3 at 12:16

As @Carlos mentioned, I changed my code as this and everything works well.

objID, _ := primitive.ObjectIDFromHex("5c7452c7aeb4c97e0cdb75bf")
value := collection.FindOne(ctx, bson.M{"_id": objID})
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    using value := collection.FindOne(ctx, bson.D{{"_id": objID}}) also works with the bson.D type. – ZacSketches Apr 7 at 17:47

You can use some thing like this:

var userDB user
objectIDS, _ := primitive.ObjectIDFromHex(userID)
collectionUser := dBClient.Database("MyDatabase").Collection("Users")
filter := bson.M{"_id": objectIDS}
err := collectionUser.FindOne(ctx, filter).Decode(&userDB)
if err != nil {
    fmt.Println("errror retrieving user userid : " + userID)

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