We are trying to build a database based on data that looks like this: (for example)

The attributes are the items that customers bought


  • Attribute1(muffin): 5
  • Attribute3(butter): 1
  • Attribute6(milk): 2


  • Attribute2(blueberries): 10
  • Attribute4(cheese): 2
  • Attribute5(apple): 6

As you can imagine, the store has over 100+ (but finite) number of items that a customer can buy. We do have a list of all the possible items that someone can buy.

Due to permutations of possible attributes and individual behavior, the customers cannot be categorized into pre-defined types (i.e. fruit-only buyers, dairy-only buyers etc.)

How can we build such a database?

We are using SailsJS and MongoDB

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