I'm trying to split a variable string into it's components for use in a dataframe later, but I struggling to find a way to do a reverse regex to find a string between two characters.

My string is as follows:

20581 Buzz Testing Nathan 3 BUZZRETJOUCHUALLA_D1C - Churned - Stage 1 Other 28-February-2019.csv

I am trying to extract the date from the left of the "." up to the first space it encounters, which should give me the date.

I have tried a few different Regex checkers online, but none seem to translate very well to R.

I have also provided some example code I have used for successfully splitting other elements of the text string:

regmatches(file_list, regexpr("(?<=\\- )[^ -]+", file_list, perl=TRUE)) 

This regex will get you the non-space string (which is the date 28-February-2019 you require) after the last literal . in your string,



Check out this R code,

file_list <- "20581 Buzz Testing Nathan 3 BUZZRETJOUCHUALLA_D1C - Churned - Stage 1 Other 28-February-2019.csv"
regmatches(file_list, regexpr("\\S+(?=\\.[^.]*$)", file_list, perl=TRUE));


[1] "28-February-2019"

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