I have a server and there is a Nginx in front. There are many requests which some of them contains special word example:


I have a whitelist ip file also. I want to write a rule in Nginx that if requests contains "men", only allow the request if requester's ip is in whitelist file. If requests does not contains "men" allow the request anyway.



http {
    ## load whitelist
      map $remote_addr $deny {
        default 0;
        include /path/to/whitelist.txt;

    ## check
    set $is_white_list 0;
    if ($request_uri ~ ".*men.*"){
      set $is_white_list 1;
    if ($deny) { 
      set $is_white_list 1$is_white_list;
    if ($is_white_list = 1) {
      return 403;
    ##// epg check

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