HI all!

I'm currently taking the course Operating Systems in my university. We mainly study theory and have simple exercises in c++ to exercise some theoretical principles. I want to study more about the practical programming in concurrency and threads in c\c++ and i was wondering if any of you have a good book to recommend on.

Thank you all

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I have also been looking for such a book, they are very hard to come by. This one will be released in May, if that's any help:


I purchased this book:


It's very good, it's in java, but most of the principles apply to c/c++ anyway.

  1. Introduction to parallel computing: https://computing.llnl.gov/tutorials/parallel_comp/
  2. POSIX threads programming: https://computing.llnl.gov/tutorials/pthreads/

If you will be working with UNIX-like systems, then I recommend Programming With POSIX Threads by David R. Butenhof.

If you will be working with Microsoft Windows, then I recommend Writing Multithreaded Applications in Win32 by Jim Beveridge and Robert Wiener.

Irrespective of which threading package(s) you will end up using, I recommend you look at two presentations I wrote: Generic Synchronization Policies and Multi-threaded Performance Pitfalls. Those short presentations contain useful information that, unfortunately, is not discussed in many other books and articles.

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