I didn't find a response in the search section, so I came here.

I've made some functions that convert images to Base64 strings, nothing far from normal:

func imagePickerController(_ picker                             : UIImagePickerController,
                           didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info   : [UIImagePickerController.InfoKey : Any]) {
    if let pickedImage = info[UIImagePickerController.InfoKey.originalImage] as? UIImage {
        let pickedImageBase64: String = (

        NSLog("image base64: %@", pickedImageBase64);

Nothing weird, I pick an image from the camera get the PNG data, ask for it as base64-encoded string, I put a log of that string, and toss it over to the an image handler.

Inside the application, I can convert that base64-encoded string to images with no problem, at all.

However, when I upload that base64-encoded string to a server, or even when I copy what's in the NSLog entry, I can't decode it using base64 command in Shell, or using any service in the web.

Tried with our good-old-friend: cat file.txt | base64 --decode > myimage.png; but "it's damaged".

However, when I copy that string, hard-code it into another iOS App, and try to decode it, works just fine.

I hope someone can helps. Thanks in advance.

  • Likely the contents of file.txt is not precisely the same as the contents of pickedImageBase64. I would strongly suspect that your uploading code is corrupting your data, though it's also possible that the receiving code on the server is doing the corruption. – Rob Napier Mar 3 at 18:47
  • @RobNapier I'd think of that too, but I copy from the logs the encoded string, though. – Omar Mar 3 at 18:50
  • have you tried reducing the file size ? – Leo Dabus Mar 3 at 18:50
  • @LeoDabus No, I haven't. – Omar Mar 3 at 18:51
  • 1
    try a small jpeg – Leo Dabus Mar 3 at 18:51

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