I have worked on a private project and would like to put it on my resume.

For that I am looking for a git service which allows me to share an access link to my repo, where anybody who has received that access link can read the contents of my repo without requiring the invited to have an account on the particular git web service and without me knowing any details about the consumer of the access link in advance.

It should basically work like a GoogleDrive or OneDrive share-via-link.

Ideally i should be able to set the expiration date of the access link and be able to generate different access links.

Now does such a Git web service exist? Currently I am using BitBucket, but it does not have this feature. I dont like the idea of putting my project on unrestricted public display.

Thanks for any advice! J.


This is:

So you might need to use a third-party option (like the ones you mention) to package/publish (and update) your repository, for any user to access it with a link. For example, publish it as a bundle (one file).

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