As per LinkedIn announcement, we need to migrate to version 2.0 of our APIs and OAuth 2.0 so as per release document I have change my GETrequest url from




And I'm getting the below response:

    "serviceErrorCode": 0,
    "message": "Resource me does not exist",
    "status": 404

Please help me out, what is wrong from my side? What changes need to be done?


There's more to simply changing the v1 to v2 and people to me in the URL.

To request specific fields, you pass in ?projection= instead of ~: for example:


Also keep in mind that fields have changed in v2. By default, you will only have access to lite profile fields, unless you're part of LinkedIn Marketing Partners program.

  • Hey @Ervin as per your suggestion I made these changes now I'm getting {"serviceErrorCode":100,"message":"Not enough permissions to access: GET /me","status":403} this error please help me – A.R. Mar 4 at 9:14
  • And the user has given your app access to at least r_liteprofile? – Ervin Kalemi Mar 4 at 11:03
  • Not sure what the problem is. Try removing the app from user's settings and reauthorize the app. It's working just fine for me prnt.sc/msz1se – Ervin Kalemi Mar 4 at 11:11
  • Just tried the same thing still getting the same error :( – A.R. Mar 4 at 11:13
  • 1
    Thanks @Ervin for your help. I have accepted your answer. – A.R. Mar 5 at 8:11

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