I am a new Software Developer. In my new company, I use their framework to code. And its using Kendo. I tried to make a search field for Kendo Grid so I can find a specific information in that grid. I tried this method but it doesn't work. Honestly, I don't understand how to use 'transport' things. I call an API to get datas for my grid and I call it in my grid's line of code.

    type: 'panel',
    fields: [{
        type: 'panel',
        text: 'Payment List',
        name: 'payment',
        fields: [{
            type: 'grid',
            name: 'paymentGrid',
            data: [],
            toolbar: function(){
                return `<div class="toolbar" style="width:370px">
                            <label class="search-label" for="search-reservation" style="color:white"> Cari berdasarkan No. Pesanan: </label>
                            <input type="search" id="search-reservation" class="search-class">
                 sourceOptions: {
                     pageSize: 10
                 options: {
                     selectable: true,
                     autoheight: true,
                     allowCopy: true,
                     altrows: true,
                     pageable: {
                         refresh: true,
                         buttonCount: 5,
                         pageSizes: [10, 20, 50, 100]
                     dataBinding: function(){
                         record = (this.dataSource.page() -1) * this.dataSource.pageSize();
                 url: function(option){
                      var arg = option.data
                         method: 'POST',
                         url: APILink ,
                         data: JSON.stringify(arg),
                         dataType: 'json',
                         contentType: 'application/json',
                       }).done(function (resp){
                           if(resp.data != null){
                               var nameMap = [];
                                       id: val.id,
                                       supplier: val.supplier,
                                       reservation_id: val.reservation_id,
                                       currentPayment: val.state
                                   data: nameArray,
                                   total: resp.total
                       }).fail(function(jqXHR, status, err){
                 fields: [{
                     name: 'number',
                     text: 'No. ',
                         template: "#= ++record #",
                         width: 70,
                     }, {
                         name: 'supplier',
                         text: 'Supplier',
                     }, {
                         name: 'reservation_id',
                         text: 'No. Reservation',
                     }, {
                         name: 'currentPayment',
                         text: 'status',
                     }, {
                         name: 'checked',
                         text: 'choose',
                         width: 100,
                         template: function (item) {
                             return !!item.checked 
                                  ? `<input id="${item.id}" name='ceklis-boks[]' class="check" checked value="${item.id}" type=\'checkbox\' />`
                                  : `<input id="${item.id}" name='ceklis-boks[]' class="check" value="${item.id}" type=\'checkbox\' />`
                        onDataBound: 'dataBound',

Then I used the same code as I mention before in previous link, and replace the ID (#) in that code with mine. But, it won't work. I come to his fiddle and I thought it was because his PlainDs variable and $("#category").kendoAutoComplete({...}) or serverPaging, serverSorting, or serverFiltering. So, I comment all of it here and still working properly. So basically, I can just write the code from line 49 - 81 like in his post. But why it doesn't work? For your information, I call the grid with its name or sometimes I give it a class. But it won't work. Is it a problem if I use class or name instead of ID?


The term "Not working" is too broad here, if you can be more specific on what is not working, we may be able to pinpoint better. However I assume you know how to get the grid to display and so on. so basically to get the search to work I usually have this in the click event of my "Search" button:

var grid = $("#myGrid").data("kendoGrid");
var ds = grid.dataSource;
var searchVal = $("#search-reservation").val();

if ( searchVal ) {
        field: "reservation_id", operator: "eq", value: searchVal 
else {
  • I mean nothing happens, Sorry for bad term that I used before. The grid seems like dimming but nothing happens, the search not showing its result – Ryandhika Rukmana Mar 6 '19 at 3:59
  • If you kindly show us your code that you implemented in the search button, we would know what is missing. – Cowbell Mar 6 '19 at 9:49

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