I'm going through and refactoring some code to take advantage of Vuex but I'm a bit confused on something. I've got this method where I was calling other methods conditionally. So now with Vuex I'm committing the main method but how do I go about calling the other methods? From what I've read I should not be calling commit within another mutation. It's all synchronus code that is really just manipulating state data from user input.

stepsBase is the main method and I'm not sure if I should use commit or simply call the mutations. FYI These other functions are changing state data.

stepsBase() {
  var step3 = false;
  var step4 = false;

  if (this.step == 3) {
    if (step3 == false) {
      this.addedKeywords = true;
      this.activekeyword = this.options[0];
      step3 = true;

  if (this.step == 4 && step4 == false) {
    this.activekeyword = this.options[0];
    step4 = true;

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