I have a config file application.yml for my Spring Boot webservice. Also I have a line logging.file=/path/to/spring-app.log in my application.properties.

The user won't be able to access application.properties, but only the yaml config, nonetheless should be able to define the location for logfiles. I'd like to configure logging either from code or insert value from yaml into properties.

How can I either a) use a value from application.yml to define logging.file? b) set the log file location programmatically?

  • Why do you have yml and properties file? – Simon Martinelli Mar 4 at 12:07
  • requirement – user must be able to configure some things via yml (but other things must only be configured by devs) – kai-dj Mar 4 at 12:21
  • And where do you put the yml file? If it's where the jar file is it will override the values in your application.properties – Simon Martinelli Mar 4 at 12:24
  • no, but they also don't define same values. i.e. user in can configure output location for created file in yml (an should be able to configure log file location there), server port can be configured by dev in properties. – kai-dj Mar 4 at 12:27

Argh easy-peasy: Just put

logging: file: /path/to/log.log

(stupid me forgot to put the colons)

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