How do I convert nullable guid (guid?) to a guid? My intention is to convert a list of nullable Guids to a Guid list.

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Use the ?? operator:

public static class Extension
   public static Guid ToGuid(this Guid? source)
       return source ?? Guid.Empty;

   // more general implementation 
   public static T ValueOrDefault<T>(this Nullable<T> source) where T : struct
       return source ?? default(T);

You can do this:

Guid? x = null;
var g1 = x.ToGuid(); // same as var g1 = x ?? Guid.Empty;
var g2 = x.ValueOrDefault(); // use more general approach

If you have a a list and want to filter out the nulls you can write:

var list = new Guid?[] {

var result = list
             .Where(x => x.HasValue) // comment this line if you want the nulls in the result
             .Select(x => x.ValueOrDefault())

Console.WriteLine(string.Join(", ", result));
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    thats for valid replies but My intention is to convert a list of nullable Guid to guid list. how can i do that?
    – Febin J S
    Mar 31, 2011 at 10:47

the Nullable<T>.value property?

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    I agree; no need to extend the type; if you know the nullable type contains a real Guid, just use the .Value property.
    – HBlackorby
    Aug 24, 2015 at 20:26

Use this:

List<Guid?> listOfNullableGuids = ...
List<Guid> result = listOfNullableGuids.Select(g => g ?? Guid.Empty).ToList();

This is the simplest way. No need for an extension method for something that simple...

new Guid(yourGUID.ToString())

Also a possible Solution..


type? is short for Nullable<type>. See the documentation for Nullable.


being "id" a "Guid?"


Get Guid null and create a guid by turning Guid null into String

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    Hi, thanks for your first answer! Asking for clarification is best done as a comment to OP's question rather than in your answer. Might be good to get clarity first before answering. Jan 28, 2020 at 18:45

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