I have to one question that one user having email id with domoin name and stored in wso2 user database many another uses having same domain but not stored in same user database how those uses will be allowed to login in identity server only with same domain.

And second unrelated previous question is how to provide multiple user store with wso2 identity server


First You have to enable email username as per [1]. You can plug multiple user stores as per [2]. Having same email domain in different physical user stores is not a problem. Authentication to WSO2 Identity Server is a unified functionality irrespective of underline user store implementation but if you want to authenticate against specific user store only, you can provide user store domain qualified username.

[1] https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS570/Using+Email+Address+as+the+Username

[2] https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS570/Configuring+Secondary+User+Stores

  • My question is which users are not stored in database all allowed to login by using their email having same domain name already another stored user domain. – Avinash Tiwari Mar 5 at 10:03
  • Your question is bit unclear however if you want to authenticate a user who is not stored in persistent storage. You have to write custom user store manager. – Gayan Mar 5 at 10:08
  • example "A@abc.com" is store in wso2 identity server but another user "B@abc.com" is not stored in wso2 identity server. yet "B@abc.com" is allowed to login in wso2 identity server because of domain name is same "abc.com". – Avinash Tiwari Mar 5 at 10:12
  • How do you do authenticate operation (password validation) B@abc.com or else just by having "abc.com" do you allow them to authenticate ? – Gayan Mar 5 at 11:32
  • you mean without stored user in database we can-not authenticate user? and one more question here – Avinash Tiwari Mar 5 at 11:37

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