Our website is built on Kentico V8. We are currently redesigning our homepage. We have a repeater that shows the 4 most recent blog posts. These posts are in 5 different categories. There is one category that we do not want to show up on the homepage, but all the rest of the categories should. So,

  • Cat 1 - yes
  • Cat 2 - yes
  • Cat 3 - yes
  • Cat 4 - yes
  • Cat 5 - NO

Is there a where condition or some other method that can filter out that one category?

  • Hi there! :) I would recommend considering re-writing your title and intro sentence to reflect your actual question: is there a where condition or some other method to filter in a Kentico repeater. It may help attract more views and answers to your question :) Mar 5, 2019 at 0:17

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You an use the repeater's WHERE condition and use e.g.: DocumentID NOT IN (Select DocumentID FROM CMS_DocumentCategory WHERE CategoryID = 1) This will exclude the pages form the category with ID=1. You may need to check the category ID in CMS_Category DB table.


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