I want to write a Google Apps Script to generate a list of the IDs of the scripts bound to certain spreadsheets.

I cannot find a way to programmatically, via GAS, get the ID of a bound script.

  • If I have a spreadsheet object, I have methods like getId to get the ID of the spreadsheet, but not the bounded script.

  • Using the DriveApp, I can find standalone scripts using DriveApp.getFilesByType('application/vnd.google-apps.script') but not bound ones!

Any suggestions?


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Unfortunately (by my own research) this is not currently possible. I have been wanting to programatically identify and access bound scripts for several years, I look into it periodically, I've always come up empty handed.

Haven't found any Google documentation explicitly on the topic, still hoping this hole gets filled eventually.

  • bound script files are "hidden" in Google Drive, they wont show up on search, although we can access/download them, after we know their Id
    – Fausto R.
    Mar 5, 2019 at 12:51

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