accounts = pd.read_csv('C:/*******/New_export.txt', sep=",", dtype={'number': object})
accounts.columns = ["Number", "F"]

for i, j in accounts["Number"].iterrows(): #i represents the row(index number), j is the number
    if (str(j) == "27*******5"):
        print(accounts["F"][i], accounts["Number"][i])

I get the following error:

AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'iterrows'

I don't quite understand the error since "accounts" is a pandas dataframe. Please assist.


accounts["Number"] is a Series object, not a DataFrame. Either iterate over accounts.iterrows() and take the Number column from each row, or use the Series.iteritems() method.

Iterating over the dataframe:

for i, row in accounts.iterrows():
    if str(row['Number']) == "27*******5":
        print(row["F"], row["Number"])

or over Series.iteritems():

for i, number in accounts['Number'].iteritems():
    if str(number) == "27*******5":
        print(accounts["F"][i], number)

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